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At Links Academy we offer Key Stage 3 students the opportunity to follow a very similar curriculum to the mainstream schools.  Students will study English, Maths, Science, Art, ICT, Geography, History, Beliefs and Values, Design & Technology, Cooking and PE.

We offer our Key Stage 4 students a personalised learning approach, with a range of academic and vocational courses balanced with work experience, where relevant.

Key Stage 4 aims to support students as they make the transition from school to Post 16 education.  We recognise that students come from very different starting points and we are committed to maximising their opportunities and choices by the students knowing and understanding their strengths, needs, achievement and attainment.  Whilst the students reengage with their learning we are also committed to improving their attitudes, behaviour, social skills and attendance.

All our Key Stage 4 students follow a curriculum which enables them to achieve in English, Maths and Science and also gives them a personalised learning pathway for other academic and vocational qualifications including Child Care, Construction, Sport, RE, History, Hair & Beauty and Travel & Tourism.  This in turn enables them to access Post 16 education.

In addition we also assess students to establish the major reasons for their troubled time in their mainstream school. Although most of our time is spent on academic work, there is just as much emphasis on personal, social education and embedding into all lessons our ethos of building character into our students helping them with their long term futures.

We encourage students to reflect on the way they operate in mainstream school and society, try out new ways of approaching problems and if necessary refer them to additional services that we feel will help them to make them into well rounded members of society.

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