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English – GCSE

Exam Board: AQA
Specification Number: 8700

What will be studied

Paper 1 – Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing
Paper 2 – Writer’s Viewpoints and Perspectives
Non Assessed speaking endorsement

Learning Methods

There are a variety of approaches which start with teaching key skills that are useful across both papers. These are skills such as PEE paragraphing and language feature analysis. These build on skills taught in the Key Stage 3 English curriculum. Students will work with past papers as well as other selected extracts to develop analysis and comparison skills. There is an opportunity for independent and group work. Students will also write for a variety of purposes and use a number of different stimuli to support them. Regular timed practice and mock examinations will be used to provide bespoke and targeted feedback.

Expectations of Students

All students are expected to attain their forecasted grade as a minimum; it is hoped all students will aim towards a minimum of a grade 4 which will secure a college application. All students will be expected to work their hardest and complete home learning to facilitate their understanding further. Students are expected to read independently to develop their vocabulary and experience of Literature and Language.

How is the course assessed

Paper 1: 1 hour 45 minute written paper (extra time for students who qualify).

Paper 2: 1 hour 45 minutes written paper (extra time for students who qualify).
Internally assessed speaking endorsement

What websites are recommended – English Language 8700 GCSE
GCSE Bitesize English Language

What equipment is needed

All material is provided by the English Department.

Career Paths/Next Steps

English GCSE is a core requirement for all forms of further education. With a high grade, there are opportunities to take English at A Level. It is a useful GCSE for cementing basic literacy skills and wider writing and reading skills for life.