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Science (Biology) – GCSE

Exam Board: AQA
Specification Number: 8461

What will be studied

Biology Course content:

The Biology course contains eight topics, these are listed below.

  1. Cell biology
  2. Organisation
  3. Infection and response
  4. Bioenergetics
  5. Homeostasis and response
  6. Inheritance, variation and evolution
  7. Ecology
  8. Key ideas

Through covering the 8 topics students will gain understanding of biological processes for all living things and develop a deeper understanding of how their own body works.

Learning Methods

Science practicals related to the content, research, discussion, debates, creating notes, use of exam questions.

Expectations of Students

Students are expected to attempt all tasks given and to work to the best of their abilities at all times; staff will support students on a personalised level to allow this. Students will be expected to follow all health and safety instructions while completing practical work.

How is the course assessed

KS4 – GCSE exams in Summer of Year 11

What websites are recommended

BBC Bitesize

What equipment is needed

All equipment will be provided for lessons, students will need to have a hair band to tie up long hair.

Career Paths/Next Steps

Biology – A-Levels in Science, Nursing, child care, medicine, teaching, psychology.