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The Ethics, Values, Health and Wellbeing Programme aims to develop student’s awareness of the elements needed to live their lives successfully and healthily. Incorporating British Values into its structure, the programme develops character awareness, whilst encouraging character strengths and virtues.  Our aim is to enable students to navigate their lives with good sense whilst at school and within the home environment.

‘If you keep on acting well, you will think well, and if you think well, you will act well’

The programme is introduced to the students at the Links Academy in a three tiered approach.

  • Talks and workshops
  • Weekly ‘Snapbackchat’ sessions and assemblies
  • The integration of the topics from ‘Snapbackchat’ and the workshops as well as the school’s selected character traits – ‘Stickability’, Empathy and Self-Regulation into the school life and curriculum.We want to make sure that our pupils understand the information that is given them and feel equipped to use it appropriately. An evaluation process therefore is integral in this program with time set aside within the curriculum for follow up lessons that can re-examine and issues that have arisen.